Andrew wins British Bench for the second year running (170kg in 2021)

Aug 09, 2021

Lifting a final weight of 170kg at 73.5kg bodyweight, Andrew wins the IPF British Bench Press Championships for the second year running in the under 74kg senior men's class.

Lift 1: 150kg, Lift 2: 160kg, Lift 3: 170 kg (for a huge personal best and the win)

Here is a video of the winning lift:


Andrew ranked #3 against all-male lifters competing at the event across all classes ordered by Good Lift Points (GLP), a major achievement.

See Andrews Open Powerlifting results and Instagram page. You can see all three of the lifts on this Instagram post.

Photographs of the event:

Warming up with 140kgLooking good over there!Nerves starting to kick in Andrew instructing the lift out helpers on how to do the centre lift outAndrew 150kg starting bench On the chest 150kg150kg good lift!Getting ready to lift the second lift, looking serious160kg second lift attempt - Andrew is setting upmid lift 160kg second attempt160kg about to touch the chestDid he get it?Suspense waiting to see if Andrew got 3 white lightsAimee Spinks and Andrew Ward talking strategy on lift 3. Should we do the 170?Aimee handling Andrew, talking about the 170kg lift attempt to comeAndrews serious face is on here, ready to lift 170kg benchBar loaded with 170 kg. bench press Andrew Ward170kg bench press170kg bench press touching Andrew's chestit's moving! 170kgAnd it's a good lift! 170kg bench celebration by Andrew WardThe money shot, 170kg bench press for the win by Andrew WardHorray!Aimee and Andrew share a special moment, celebrating the winSmiles all around