Andrew Publishes "Execute Your Tech Idea" – A Comprehensive Book for Your Start-Up Journey

Nov 30, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Andrew Lee Ward's much-anticipated book, "Execute Your Tech Idea", in November 2022.

This comprehensive guide empowers professionals, managers, start-ups, and non-techies to bring their tech ideas to life. With over a decade of experience in guiding people and businesses in implementing and executing tech ideas, Andrew has crafted an easy-to-understand guide that will transform your approach to technology.

In "Execute Your Tech Idea", Andrew shares the wisdom he has gathered through years of experience in the tech industry. The book contains 18 chapters and over 430 pages of easy-to-digest content, written in a plain-speaking and uncomplicated style. By building on each chapter, readers will grow their confidence and ensure that they have a solid foundation to make their tech ideas a reality.

The book is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Find and Qualify Your Idea
This section will guide you in discovering your winning tech idea, understanding the technology behind it, and exploring various revenue models. It will also help you determine your idea's worthiness and the importance of having a clear vision of your project.

Part 2: Implement Your Idea
Dive into the process of implementing your idea with chapters dedicated to defining your value proposition, developing your minimum viable product (MVP), managing finances, and convincing essential stakeholders. Learn how to document your idea and choose the right tech team while understanding project lifecycle types.

Part 3: Launch and Maintain Your Idea
Master the art of marketing with a comprehensive overview of marketing principles, channels, and strategies. Develop a product roadmap and utilise an easy-to-follow summary checklist that ensures you stay on track throughout your journey.

Andrew Ward's "Execute Your Tech Idea" has already garnered praise from readers, including USA Today bestselling author Astrid V.J, executive at Celtx Ryan Wood, and entrepreneur Marcia Leonard. The book is also available in an audiobook format, co-authored by Steve Ward and narrated by Tim Fearon.

Read Andrew's Book, Execute Your Tech Idea:

Read Andrew's Book Execute Your Tech IDea


About the author: Andrew Lee Ward has been recognised for his impact in the tech space and has won several prestigious awards, including the Chamber of Commerce’s 'Future Face of Entrepreneurship' and Silicon Canal's Most Influential in Tech'. Andrew aims to create a future where technology continues to improve lives and increase business productivity by empowering organisations of all sizes to embrace innovation and become tech businesses.

Outside of the tech world, Andrew is also a dedicated sportsperson with numerous achievements, including being a World Bronze Medalist and three-time IPF British Champion in Bench Press.

Don't miss out on this valuable resource that will revolutionise how you approach technology and innovation. "Execute Your Tech Idea" is now available for purchase on Amazon. Start your journey toward a successful tech endeavour today!