Mastering Tech Projects to Launching and Sustaining Your Startup - Andrew speaks on the Brio360 Podcast

Apr 05, 2023

In an insightful conversation between Peter Ho and founder of App Development Agency Scorchsoft and author of Execute Your Tech Idea on the Brio360 Podcast, Andrew Ward discussed entrepreneurs' challenges when launching a tech startup. He shared valuable insights on validating ideas, raising capital, and managing finances. The book, which aims to fill gaps in knowledge for professionals, managers, and startups, is divided into three parts: finding and qualifying an idea, implementing it, and launching and maintaining it.

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This cast elaborates on the importance of return on investment, marketing, and the role of grit in the success of startups. Andrew emphasiszes that customer validation and traction are key to a successful startup. Founders must focus on the commercial aspects of their business and the other elements will fall into place.

Validating a tech idea involves a combination of quantitative data and hands-on customer interaction. Ward suggests speaking to prospective customers, conducting market research, and looking for evidence of potential in the market. Ideally, acquiring the first customer willing to pay for the product is the strongest validation signal. In addition, understanding where your idea lies on the Gartner Hype Curve can help you formulate a strategy for capitalization that gets you over the curve.

When it comes to raising capital, Ward has observed that the credentials and skills of the founder are crucial in the early stages of a startup. Investors look for drive, energy, and the ability to validate and sell ideas. Traction and a unique value proposition can also increase the chances of raising funds. In later stages, private equity companies may be more interested in businesses that are doing well despite not being fully tech-enabled.

Financial management is an area where many startup founders lack skills. Ward advises not to view your bank balance as your money and to focus on the balance sheet instead. While analyzing profit and loss can be more useful for larger businesses, startups need to become cash flow positive. Founders should carefully consider every commercial spending decision and treat raised funds as their own money.

When it comes to getting the story of a startup out there, Ward suggests that founders should focus on their pitch deck and reaching out to various VC funds and angel networks. However, it is crucial to remember that creating a website and generating leads is not enough; having a compelling value proposition is necessary for success.

Ward also shares information about his company, Scorchsoft, which aims to help non-tech businesses become tech-enabled. He highlights the importance of technology in enabling businesses to mature and streamline their processes. Additionally, he discusses the startup climate in Birmingham, which universities and various entrepreneurship schemes support.

A unique aspect of the conversation is comparing powerlifting and the startup world. Ward, a competitive powerlifter, believes there are many similarities between the two. In both cases, discipline and grit are essential for success. He notes that just like going to the gym, founders must be consistent and focused on achieving their goals even without motivation.

In conclusion, validating a tech idea, raising capital, and managing finances are key challenges for entrepreneurs. By following Ward's advice, startup founders can increase their chances of success and avoid common pitfalls.


Read Andrew's Book, Execute Your Tech Idea:

Read Andrew's Book Execute Your Tech IDea