Andrew hits massive 632.5kg total at the British Powerlifting Championships 2021 (full power)

Sep 07, 2021

Andrew Lifted 9 for 9 to hit a 632.5 kg total at the IPF British Championships September 2021 (u74kg senior men), a massive 52.5kg personal best total compared with his performance at the last full power British Championships. Andrew came fourth after losing a battle for 3rd place on bodyweight, still a huge achievement and a big sign of continued progress.

Weighed in at 73.7 kg

Squat: 207.5 kg, 217.5 kg, 222.5 kgBench: 152.5 kg, 160 kg, 165 kg. Deadlift: 220 kg, 235 kg, 245 kg

(the video shows the heaviest of each lift)


You can follow Andrew on Instagram, and see a history of his performances on Open Powerlifting.

Photographs of the event:


The battle for third place was real!About to squat his first liftIn the holenext liftLooking seriousLooking serious 2Final squat, 222.5 kg - Andrew WardIn the hole with a  222.5 kg squat, a competition personal best - Andrew WardIt's nearly up,  222.5 kg squat Andrew WardInstructing the middle hand out on bench pressAndrew preparing his wrist straps, getting ready to lift165 kg bench, played it safe as Andrew was getting upper back cramps165kg bench on the chestCelebrating the good lift with Luke RogersAbout to deadlift 215, his opening liftAn easy first lift, picture of Andrew reaching full lockout with 215 kg on deadliftWalking up to the 235kg deadlift second liftAndrew about to lift 245kg on the deadlift245kg deadlift is moving upHorray! Full lockout on the 245kg deadlift by Andrew Ward, and it's a good lift!Andrew Ward and Luke Rogers looking happy with the new total and deadlift pullEnjoying the award ceremony - Andrew and Rob