Modern CTO Podcast: #6 Andrew Ward! (Audio)

Jan 08, 2018

This week Joel interviews Andrew on the Modern CTO podcast. Based out of the west coast of American, the podcast is a thought leader in the world of tech, interviewing Cheif Technology Officers for their insights into what it means to be effective in business.

Topics covered in this podcast:

  • The biggest challenges facing machine learning.
  • Effective tech design, infrastructure and languages.
  • Deciding between what's right and what's easy.
  • Scorchsoft and MODL App.
  • Thoughts on effective communication and importance as a CTO.
  • How to be a great technology leader.
  • Coping with real-world constraints when growing a business.
  • The art of delegation.
  • How experts are often consciously competent, and how novices aren't!
  • Problem-solving methods.
  • Thoughts on non-disclosure agreements.
  • The 'ugly baby' feedback model.

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