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Andrew is a Birmingham-based tech Entrepreneur, Powerlifter, and Serial Author of the books Execute Your Tech Idea and The ChatGPT Guide for Business. He has won the British Bench Press Championships in his class three years running, once in 2020again in 2021, and most recently in 2022, and won a World Bronze Medal at the IPF Classic Bench Press Championships 2023 in South Africa.

Andrews wants to see a future where technology continues to enrich people’s lives and grows business productivity, and wants to take steps to ensure that this kind of future will happen. Andrew aims to achieve this future by supporting or enabling businesses of all sizes to embrace technology to innovate, especially those that don’t think of themselves as tech businesses, because he sees a future where every business is a tech business.

Andy is a focused and innovative individual who has had a consistent impact across community, sport and business projects. Though currently more focussed on powerlifting competitions than business awards, his passion for entrepreneurship and technology is widely recognised, earning him the 2023 Birmingham Young Professional of the Year Award in the Technology and Innovation category and past awards, including “most influential male” award at the inaugural Silicon Canal Tech Awards and Chamber of Commerce’s Future Face of Entrepreneurship title. 

From a young age, Andrew showed a keen interest in computers, the internet, and business, crafting websites for his friends' parents while in high school from the age of 14. This early passion laid the foundation for his future endeavours. As an adult, Andrew channelled this experience into founding Scorchsoft, an app development company, in 2010. He also holds a First-Class degree in Computer Science with Business Management from The University of Birmingham, a testament to his dedication and expertise in the field.

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Apps, Portals, and Tech Exporting Opportunities

Learn about Andrew's perspective on the opportunities that exist in Tech, particularly around tech exporting. Including:

  • What are apps and portals
  • Consumer and business tech trends
  • UK export growth trends
  • Top export opportunities by country
  • How tech enablement adds value
  • How to innovate with tech



Competes for Great Britain for a second time

Andrew was fortunate to earn his place competing for Great Britain at the IPF World Bench Press Championships in Kazakhstan.

Read the full blog post here, which includes images from the event.


Author of Execute Your Tech Idea

Andrew is also the author of the book Execute Your Tech Idea, a step-by-step guide for non-techies, Professionals, Managers, and Startups

Execute Your Tech Idea gives you everything you need to know to find, qualify, implement, and launch your tech idea. Find your Aha! moment in this plain-speaking and easy-to-read guidebook suitable for non-technical readers.

Andrew is the founder of two technology companies and is a  first class graduate of computer science and business management from the University of Birmingham.

His first business, Scorchsoft, is a web app and mobile app development agency that has been creating launching successful tech projects since 2010, for a broad range of companies including multi-national corporations.

Listen to Andrew speaking on the Modern CTO podcast from a few years back:


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Andrew is a World Bronze Medalist and three-time IPF British Champion in the Bench Press (20202021 2022, and 2024) and has represented GBR in three World Championships in Lithuania, Kazakhstan and South Africa.


Andrew is the author of two books, Execute Your Tech Idea and The ChatGPT Guide to Business.

These books are about technology, business, AI, and Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Hear Andrew talk on the Modern CTO podcast.

Supporting Birmingham entrepreneurship programs.

Awarded Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Birmingham Young Professional of the Year in the Technology and Innovation Category.


Andrew is a technology expert, having founded multiple tech businesses based in Birmingham. 

Winner of the 2016 Silicon Canal 'Most influential male in technology' award.


Gymnastics and acrobatics, founding social projects such as Trick Soc to encourage young people to be more active.


Supporting the local area with the family YourGrange project.